Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This past week, over my spring break, my mother and I took a trip to New York City so I could sit in on a few classes at New York University before making my final decision. (Spoiler alert: I decided on NYU!)
We stayed with my mother's best friend, Dennis, in his wonderful apartment around the corner from Times Square. His window views are incredible, the city at night is absolutely breathtaking.
The first two days we mainly hung around the general campus area of NYU near Washington Square Park. This was the first time I had seen the "campus" filled with real-life college students (the last time I visited was during the summertime when it had been completely bereft of students).
Here is lil ole me in front of the Washington Square Arch. I was on "Spring" break, yet it was so cold, I dressed as if it were the middle of winter!
(Picture courtesy of my mother, photographer-in-training!)
Near the end of my first day in the city, Tuesday, I met up with the girls of the band Say Chance and their agent Pete! We had a great time shooting around Central Park and I can't wait to share the photos soon!
There was a lapse of a few days or so where I visited NYU classes and traveled around the city without taking too many pictures. But, on Friday, we took the subway to Williamsburg in Brooklyn. There was a Good Friday parade going down Bedford Avenue. Bedford Avenue was lovely, there were a bunch of vintage boutiques and eclectic cafes. I found my Boba Tea that I'd been craving all week!
Finally, on Friday afternoon it was time for my mother and I to head back to the airport. We took our last subway ride of the trip and waved goodbye to our beloved Metro Cards.
I seem to always take a handful of random pictures during the cab ride to the airport.
When we got to the airport, we sat in the airport terminal for three hours before boarding the plane two hours later than we had expected.
Our plane sat on the runway for close to 3 hours before they finally took us back to the gate, there was bad weather in Chicago (where we were going to catch our connection to Sacramento). So....it was back to the city for one more night, I couldn't complain too much.

Monday, April 25, 2011

san francisco

I've recently decided that I will sporadically (maybe eventually routinely) use my blog to update about personal experiences/trips!

Two Saturdays ago, I drove to San Francisco for the day to attend an admitted students reception for NYU. Even though I live in Sacramento, not more than two hours away from SF, I hardly ever make trips to the Bay Area.

My mother and I decided to wake up early that Saturday so we could spend the day shopping and exploring since the reception was in the afternoon. We walked and shopped on Haight Street. As I was walking down Haight, I stumbled upon the Crossroads poster of my winning photo of Janine! This is the 3rd place I've personally seen it so far (Sacramento, Santa Cruz, and now SF!)

After a little success shopping down Haight Street we headed over to Union Square and had lunch before finally attending the NYU reception. I was almost sure I would be attending NYU already but I still wanted to meet other prospective students and hear more about the school. One of the admissions directors there actually remembered reading my application which I found really comforting considering there were over 42k applications to NYU this year! I also made a few new friends and saw an old one!

After the admitted students reception I was dying to visit Berkeley and go to this wonderful vegan restaurant my friends had taken me to before, Herbivore. I'm by no means disciplined enough to be  vegan, let alone a vegetarian, but I jump at the chance to try new vegan food when I can.

As we were driving home after Herbviore, the sunset was absolutely stunning. 

Then...we took a wrong turn off the freeway and ended up by the Berkeley Marina for just a few moments. I quickly tried to snap a few shots of the gorgeous view of the bay as we headed back towards the freeway.

This concludes my first "personal" post, I hope to do more in the future and to take more pictures to give a greater visual idea of my experiences!

Monday, April 11, 2011

"The Kids Are All Right", INK Magazine Editorial, April 2011

Last month I shot a wonderful editorial for INK Magazine's Music Issue.

All 16 of us (me+models+agent+parents+make up artist) met up early on a Saturday morning and drove up to my step family's ranch to shoot for the entire day.

It was the biggest shoot I've ever coordinated and that meant there wasn't a moment to rest! Here is the editorial featured in INK on pages 16-21as well as some outtakes below!

photography: jacqueline harriet
models: lauren, paris, ava, alexander, and adam (@ exalt) + cassidhe and graham from paris' band (noisy canvas)
styling: foxtail, bows and arrows vintage, and fringe
makeup: cesar rivera
assistant & agent extraordinaire: bret cota @exalt

Monday, April 4, 2011

spring awakening

photographer: jacqueline harriet
model: andrea @exalt
styling: foxtail
makeup: crystal mosher