Sunday, May 22, 2011

haunted in the summertime

These past few weeks have been super busy finishing up final little projects for school. I can't believe I graduate high school in three weeks, right as it starts becoming bearable. Nonetheless, I'm beyond excited for summertime. I've got a few editorials I'm trying to plan and a few that will be coming out in a few weeks! My best friends and I are also trying to plan a fun road trip down to Southern California.

This Saturday, my best friend Jessica and I went to the library to pick up some CDs and then took some pictures in the park.

After the park, we met up with my friend, John Hill, an amazing film photographer and did some record shopping at Dimple Records.

Afterwards, John took us to a really cool abandoned outdoor Haunted House.


  1. love the piano! YAY record shopping! I love vinyl :) you looked lovely too xxx

  2. oooh i love these shots! following your blog now, i love it!

  3. I love the image with the broken piano.