Sunday, August 28, 2011

AVA Magazine interview + feature!

a few weeks ago, i was lucky enough to be featured in AVA Magazine for its debut issue! one of the wonderful editors, ida fiskaa, had contacted me awhile back saying that she had liked my work and wanted to feature one of my editorials plus an exclusive interview!

you can check out AVA's first issue HERE, my editorial & interview starts on page 34!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

new beginnings

I have just arrived in New York City to spend the next four years here at NYU.

Move-in day was supposed to take place this Sunday (tomorrow) but was quickly moved to Monday because of Hurricane Irene. Right now I am staying at my mom's best friend's apartment near Times Square, on the 40th floor. We are not in any of the danger zones but the fact that so many people have  evacuated the city because of the hurricane makes me a bit frightened. Didn't expect to be dealing with crazy weather this early in the game, but it makes for an interesting adventure!

Here is a shot of me in Sheep Meadow in Central Park yesterday, two days before the expected storm. Weather was beautiful, not indicative of an upcoming hurricane at all!

roam if you want to: part V

Day 6: Manhattan Beach + Pismo Beach

The entire road trip we had been waking up extremely early, so we could take in every moment of the road trip without wasting time. The morning of the sixth day was no exception. We woke up around 7 a.m. to take a walk along the beach which was a short walk down from our motel.

Pictured above is the path we took to the beach.

Impromptu beach yoga.
Favorite breakfast spot of the trip, Uncle Bill's. Wonderful pancakes, especially the pumpkin flavored ones.

After finishing breakfast, it was time for our final destination: Pismo Beach.

We made an immediate stop at the beach.

After the beach, we went to The Rock & Roll Diner, it was in an abandoned train in a fairly deserted area. The milkshakes were undeniably delicious.

This was the view of the water along the pathway near our hotel in Pismo. We all went down to the beach to watch the sunset. We started realizing we were experiencing our "last" everything of the trip. Our "last trip" to the beach.

Our "last sunset" of the trip.

Our "last sandcastle" of the trip.

Our overall "last night" of the trip.

Day 7: The Final Day (Hearst Castle + The Road Home)

As a final attraction, we went to Hearst Castle since a few of us had never seen it.

Driving up to the castle on the shuttle bus. I wish I had brought my wide-angle lens to capture the beauty of the architecture!

Once we finished our tour of the castle, we hit the road back towards Sacramento. The trip was a wonderful adventure for the six of us, we learned so much. We saw so much. We lived so much. I miss these days already.

roam if you want to: part IV

(continuation of my road trip series)

picture credits: myself, jessica, & nicole

Day 5: Santa Monica & Manhattan Beach

On Monday morning, the group packed up and left my Aunt Ellen's house and headed towards Los Angeles. We drove through Hollywood and along Sunset Blvd, making our way towards one of the most exciting sites of the trip: the famous Santa Monica Pier.

The pier satisfied our expectations, it was the typical California experience. When people speak of California, they are mostly referring to So Cal. All 6 of us are native Californians, Northern Californians that is. If you've ever been to Nor Cal, you'd understand how completely different it is from So Cal, and why truly getting the Southern California experience was important to us. 

Adorable, but tortured, puppies on the pier.

Later that evening we drove to Manhattan Beach, where we were staying for the evening.

After settling into our motel, "Sea View Inn" (yes, we did have an ocean view!), we went into the town area and had a delicious dinner at the popular restaurant, Mama D's. After dinner, we took a stroll along the boardwalk, it felt so freeing and made me realize that the road trip was ending soon and I'd soon face the reality of going off to college in a few weeks.
Myself, with the lights of beach towns left behind.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

roam if you want to: part III

(continuation of my road trip series)

picture credits: myself and jessica

Day 4: California Adventure

Walking down the faux Hollywood lot in California Adventure, taken on Jessica's Instax.

(Side note: While waiting in line for California Screamin', I noticed a tall, dark male who looked vaguely familiar. I whispered to Jessica and said, "I've seen that guy somewhere, he is on television, I'm sure of it."
Whenever I'm down in Southern California I think I idealize that I'm bound to see a celebrity, but this time I turned out to be correct!
About two days later, while we were waiting for dinner in Manhattan Beach, I stumbled upon a magazine with that tall, dark, familiar man on the cover. Turns out it was Gilles Marini, most commonly known as the naked guy who Samantha Jones slightly stalks through a window in the Sex & The City Movie. Twitter verified and all, he happened to have been at California Adventure the same day as us!)

Tron "Rave" at California Adventure. So very out of place, so very amazing.

Every night around closing time at California Adventure, the park puts on a beautiful water show called "World of Color" that uses light projection to create what almost looks like, to me, a colorful force field surrounding the manmade pier.

Myself & Jessica after "World Of Color" taken by Janey.

Two full days of Disney takes it out of you. This picture was completely candid.

roam if you want to: part II

(continuation of my road trip series)

photo credits: jessica, jane, and nicole

Day 3: "The Happiest Place On Earth" a.k.a Disneyland

We woke up early Sunday morning to get to Disneyland at opening time. Upon arrival, Jess asked the Disney photog to take this classic Disneyland shot. An uninvited guest decided he wanted to be captured in our memory as well. Is that not one of the most hilarious photo bombs you have ever seen? (Look at Jane's reaction, third from the left).

Another classic Disneyland shot!

First ride of the day.

You're never too old to take a picture with Tigger, or any other Disney character for that matter. (But we may have been the only kids over the age of 6 that were waiting in line..)

Kristin turning back candidly as we walk around after a delicious meal at The Blue Bayou (the restaurant inside of Pirates Of The Caribbean ride)!

A picture of Jessica and I  along Main Street in Disneyland taken with her polaroid SX-70 by Kristin.

Waiting for the nightly fireworks extravaganza.

Kristin, myself, and Nicole resting in a Mad Hatter Tea Cup, nearing a point of absolute exhaustion.

roam if you want to: part 1

The road trip I took this past week down the California coast held that "pivotal" moment  of "feeling grown up" I mentioned in my previous post. A pivotal moment I'd expected would've come during graduation, as it often does for others, came to me through very different circumstances.

I'm independent by nature. Despite being amongst some six close friends, I was very much on my own, much in the way I will be in a few weeks when I move into NYU.

I brought my film camera along but am extremely sad to admit that I did something incorrectly when loading my film and therefore my pictures did not come out. Definitely learned my lesson and I plan to experiment more with film in the coming months.

To follow are quite a few posts detailing a little bit of my travels (through words & pictures)!

P.S. I'd love to hear if any of you went on any road trips this summer or are planning any in the future!

Pictures credits: myself, Jessica, Nicole, and Jane.

Day 1: Sacramento > Anaheim > Newport

We set off around seven on a Friday morning towards Anaheim to stay with my Aunt Ellen. Arriving around 4 p.m. after plenty of pit & food stops, we decided to take advantage of the last few hours of sunlight by visiting Corona Del Mar Beach near Newport.

Later than evening we headed back to my Aunt's house, relaxed in the backyard for awhile. The weather was perfect, just chilly enough for a pullover.

While Jane was taking a shower we may have snuck a shot by the pool on her disposable camera... ;)

Day 2: Huntington Beach

On Saturday we headed over to Huntington Beach for the entire day. I can't get over how beautiful the color of the water was.

Jessica taking a picture of me taking a picture.

My Canon Ae-1 and I.

Saturday evening my aunt & uncle made a wonderful BBQ dinner for the bunch, it felt just like Fourth of July except with friends in addition to family, for the most part I usually have spent the Fourth with my aunt, uncle, and father.