Tuesday, August 2, 2011

caps, gowns, & insecurities

(This post is very belated)

Graduating high school always seemed as if it would be a pivotal moment in my life, where I'd suddenly open my eyes and realize "Oh hey, I'm an adult, things should make absolute sense by now."

In reality, graduation had me feeling as if I were having an out of body experience. I wondered to myself whether or not I had gained enough life experience to face the real world.

Maybe those insecurities are the beauty of graduating from high school. Going through the motions of graduation and having the crowd lament how your life is changing drastically forces you to envision a new meaning of growing up.

Maybe after all, I'm a lot more grown up than I expected.

Walking into the auditorium with my partner-in-crime, Jessica.

Receiving my diploma, all the while praying I wouldn't fall flat on my face in front of an audience of 2000.

Posing with my best friends, still can't fathom how much I'm going to miss them next year...

My mother and I, my constant supporter.

Jessica, Mommy, and I.

My mother, myself, and my father. Despite their divorce, I maintain a very close relationship with the both of them equally. I love them with all my being.

One of my aunts, Audrey, flew in for my graduation from Atlanta. Audrey and I have an interesting relationship, we torment each other as if we were sisters. I like to call her a lovely "Southern Belle" ;)

Step-brother Edek, Mommy, Step-dad Ben, Myself, and Step-Brother Nate. Quite the quirky bunch.

Any other Class of 2011 high schoolers out there? How did you feel about graduating?

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