Saturday, August 27, 2011

new beginnings

I have just arrived in New York City to spend the next four years here at NYU.

Move-in day was supposed to take place this Sunday (tomorrow) but was quickly moved to Monday because of Hurricane Irene. Right now I am staying at my mom's best friend's apartment near Times Square, on the 40th floor. We are not in any of the danger zones but the fact that so many people have  evacuated the city because of the hurricane makes me a bit frightened. Didn't expect to be dealing with crazy weather this early in the game, but it makes for an interesting adventure!

Here is a shot of me in Sheep Meadow in Central Park yesterday, two days before the expected storm. Weather was beautiful, not indicative of an upcoming hurricane at all!


  1. Sounds so exciting (and slightly frightening, hurricane or not)! I'll be moving to England in three weeks myself to attend Uni :) What will you be studying at NYU?

  2. I've always wanted to go to New York to study! What are you studying? all the best!

  3. thank you, you both! <3

    i am currently in a program called: media, culture, & communication!
    i am going to see if i can also incorporate photo into my major, though or maybe switch into the individualized school later in the school year :)