Tuesday, August 2, 2011

roam if you want to: part 1

The road trip I took this past week down the California coast held that "pivotal" moment  of "feeling grown up" I mentioned in my previous post. A pivotal moment I'd expected would've come during graduation, as it often does for others, came to me through very different circumstances.

I'm independent by nature. Despite being amongst some six close friends, I was very much on my own, much in the way I will be in a few weeks when I move into NYU.

I brought my film camera along but am extremely sad to admit that I did something incorrectly when loading my film and therefore my pictures did not come out. Definitely learned my lesson and I plan to experiment more with film in the coming months.

To follow are quite a few posts detailing a little bit of my travels (through words & pictures)!

P.S. I'd love to hear if any of you went on any road trips this summer or are planning any in the future!

Pictures credits: myself, Jessica, Nicole, and Jane.

Day 1: Sacramento > Anaheim > Newport

We set off around seven on a Friday morning towards Anaheim to stay with my Aunt Ellen. Arriving around 4 p.m. after plenty of pit & food stops, we decided to take advantage of the last few hours of sunlight by visiting Corona Del Mar Beach near Newport.

Later than evening we headed back to my Aunt's house, relaxed in the backyard for awhile. The weather was perfect, just chilly enough for a pullover.

While Jane was taking a shower we may have snuck a shot by the pool on her disposable camera... ;)

Day 2: Huntington Beach

On Saturday we headed over to Huntington Beach for the entire day. I can't get over how beautiful the color of the water was.

Jessica taking a picture of me taking a picture.

My Canon Ae-1 and I.

Saturday evening my aunt & uncle made a wonderful BBQ dinner for the bunch, it felt just like Fourth of July except with friends in addition to family, for the most part I usually have spent the Fourth with my aunt, uncle, and father.

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