Tuesday, August 2, 2011

roam if you want to: part III

(continuation of my road trip series)

picture credits: myself and jessica

Day 4: California Adventure

Walking down the faux Hollywood lot in California Adventure, taken on Jessica's Instax.

(Side note: While waiting in line for California Screamin', I noticed a tall, dark male who looked vaguely familiar. I whispered to Jessica and said, "I've seen that guy somewhere, he is on television, I'm sure of it."
Whenever I'm down in Southern California I think I idealize that I'm bound to see a celebrity, but this time I turned out to be correct!
About two days later, while we were waiting for dinner in Manhattan Beach, I stumbled upon a magazine with that tall, dark, familiar man on the cover. Turns out it was Gilles Marini, most commonly known as the naked guy who Samantha Jones slightly stalks through a window in the Sex & The City Movie. Twitter verified and all, he happened to have been at California Adventure the same day as us!)

Tron "Rave" at California Adventure. So very out of place, so very amazing.

Every night around closing time at California Adventure, the park puts on a beautiful water show called "World of Color" that uses light projection to create what almost looks like, to me, a colorful force field surrounding the manmade pier.

Myself & Jessica after "World Of Color" taken by Janey.

Two full days of Disney takes it out of you. This picture was completely candid.

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