Saturday, August 27, 2011

roam if you want to: part IV

(continuation of my road trip series)

picture credits: myself, jessica, & nicole

Day 5: Santa Monica & Manhattan Beach

On Monday morning, the group packed up and left my Aunt Ellen's house and headed towards Los Angeles. We drove through Hollywood and along Sunset Blvd, making our way towards one of the most exciting sites of the trip: the famous Santa Monica Pier.

The pier satisfied our expectations, it was the typical California experience. When people speak of California, they are mostly referring to So Cal. All 6 of us are native Californians, Northern Californians that is. If you've ever been to Nor Cal, you'd understand how completely different it is from So Cal, and why truly getting the Southern California experience was important to us. 

Adorable, but tortured, puppies on the pier.

Later that evening we drove to Manhattan Beach, where we were staying for the evening.

After settling into our motel, "Sea View Inn" (yes, we did have an ocean view!), we went into the town area and had a delicious dinner at the popular restaurant, Mama D's. After dinner, we took a stroll along the boardwalk, it felt so freeing and made me realize that the road trip was ending soon and I'd soon face the reality of going off to college in a few weeks.
Myself, with the lights of beach towns left behind.

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