Thursday, December 29, 2011

san francisco, my new love affair

This past year I've started visiting San Francisco quite often; I can't believe it took me all these years to finally appreciate it.

So, the morning after my 13-hour journey from New York City I hopped on a train to SF. I hadn't been to the train station in Sacramento for ages, but I've always thought it was so lovely and old-fashioned. Took a few snaps of Nate and Jess (some digital, some film).

I found it so strange that I had been on the edge of East Coast less than 24 hours earlier and here I was now on edge of the West Coast; two beautiful coastal cities, so very different in vibe/atmosphere.

We spent some time in the always; I love visiting all of the vintage and costume shops.

After walking around Haight Ashbury, we drove around and then went back to the hotel.
The floor-to-ceiling windows in our room were beautiful.

The next morning we headed to the Mission District for a little thrifting and exploring.

In the afternoon, we drove to Berkeley and found this incredible flea market.

Our last stop on the trip was Telegraph Avenue, where we found a street fair and wonderful souls who are the epitome of Berkeley.

It was so nice to experience San Francisco and Berkeley more thoroughly than ever before. I hope to travel back again soon...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

coming home

This past Friday I said goodbye to New York City and flew back home to Sacramento.

I've always had a sort of affinity for airports. I love people-watching, wondering why each person has decided to make that day a day for travel, and for what reason they've chosen a certain destination.

Sometimes the destination of the flight is theirs, sometimes it's only a connection to another city, another country. I met people traveling to Antigua, Texas, and of course, Sacramento.

 After two four-hour flights and a layover, I was home. My father picked me up at the airport and as soon as I got home I met up with my best friend and neighbor, Jess.

Afterwards, Jess and I took a drive all over town to all our favorite spots in Sacramento. Man, I missed nature.

last days in the city

Some shots from my last few days in the city before Winter Break ~

The infamous tree at Rockefeller Center
Plataforma Restaurant w/ Dennis, his sister, and his nephew.
Met Jill Hennessy in Washington Square Park! (Crossing Jordan fans?!)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

purely accidental

Loading film into my AE-1 is slightly different than the other film cameras I've worked with before, so I've had quite a few losses when it comes to rolls of film (I'm self-taught).

Two weeks ago, I shot some film during my test shoot w/ Loli and when I went to get the photographs developed I found that the roll hadn't latched onto the sprockets correctly, I assumed the photographs were gone forever.

I reloaded my camera with that same roll of film, assuming it was blank. Strangely enough, it was not.

These are the results that followed...and I have to say I'm quite pleased with the strange contrast within these images.

I think the light leaks may have something to do with my camera needing to be relined, though...any film photographers got an idea as to what the issue is?

lost/expired/experimental film

I had been carrying around a roll of film in my purse for months, having finished it long before my senior year finished (over 6 months ago).

The roll was long expired, abused, and completely experimental. For some reason a few drugstores had refused to develop it previously because it was 'professional' film, but the CVS down the street from my dorm didn't seem to mind.

While most of the images didn't turn out since this was literally my first roll of film (taken on my Dad's old Konica), these photographs bring back such vivid memories of home and I'm quite happy with the few that did turn out.


Miscellaneous shots of the city from one of my evenings out, taken mostly around Tribeca, Chinatown, Soho, and the East Village.

I'll be flying home to Sacramento this Friday and I realize that these are the sorts of landscapes I'll be missing this next month while I'm away (along with the wonderful people I've gotten to know so far and the freedom of the city in general).

currently listening to this: I Don't Want Love- The Antlers

Friday, December 9, 2011


To finish off Anna's visit, a few of us gathered again last Saturday for a night on the town. We hadn't much idea about where we would go until later that night when I remembered my friend had told me of this inspiring art installation in TriBeCa called Dreamhouse. Dreamhouse is completely donation-based ($5 suggested amount) and it's worth every single penny. Dreamhouse is a sound and light environment in a large apartment-sized space on the third story of an unmarked building. It was so incredibly relaxing and thought-provoking. To be honest, though, it is difficult to put the experience into words. I recommend that if you have the chance, that you check it and see for yourself!

xx jacqueline