Tuesday, December 20, 2011

coming home

This past Friday I said goodbye to New York City and flew back home to Sacramento.

I've always had a sort of affinity for airports. I love people-watching, wondering why each person has decided to make that day a day for travel, and for what reason they've chosen a certain destination.

Sometimes the destination of the flight is theirs, sometimes it's only a connection to another city, another country. I met people traveling to Antigua, Texas, and of course, Sacramento.

 After two four-hour flights and a layover, I was home. My father picked me up at the airport and as soon as I got home I met up with my best friend and neighbor, Jess.

Afterwards, Jess and I took a drive all over town to all our favorite spots in Sacramento. Man, I missed nature.

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  1. airports are my favorite. choose any door and you can literally go anywhere. sometimes i secretly wish to get the wrong flight number and end up in a strange place.