Sunday, December 11, 2011

purely accidental

Loading film into my AE-1 is slightly different than the other film cameras I've worked with before, so I've had quite a few losses when it comes to rolls of film (I'm self-taught).

Two weeks ago, I shot some film during my test shoot w/ Loli and when I went to get the photographs developed I found that the roll hadn't latched onto the sprockets correctly, I assumed the photographs were gone forever.

I reloaded my camera with that same roll of film, assuming it was blank. Strangely enough, it was not.

These are the results that followed...and I have to say I'm quite pleased with the strange contrast within these images.

I think the light leaks may have something to do with my camera needing to be relined, though...any film photographers got an idea as to what the issue is?


  1. i love them!!! i think they are great, the double exposures work out amazingly! very lucky indeed x

  2. I cannot believe these
    these are so amazing jackie

  3. oh woow! this is amazing! I really love the surprises about film pictures! these are really stunning!

  4. happy accidents, really really really happy ones

  5. i cannot believe you are only 18, your work is simply stunning. at what age did you start photographing? you sure have a natural talent for it!


  6. Ah, I know where the last one was taken! Near Beacon's closet right? These are all lovely