Thursday, December 29, 2011

san francisco, my new love affair

This past year I've started visiting San Francisco quite often; I can't believe it took me all these years to finally appreciate it.

So, the morning after my 13-hour journey from New York City I hopped on a train to SF. I hadn't been to the train station in Sacramento for ages, but I've always thought it was so lovely and old-fashioned. Took a few snaps of Nate and Jess (some digital, some film).

I found it so strange that I had been on the edge of East Coast less than 24 hours earlier and here I was now on edge of the West Coast; two beautiful coastal cities, so very different in vibe/atmosphere.

We spent some time in the always; I love visiting all of the vintage and costume shops.

After walking around Haight Ashbury, we drove around and then went back to the hotel.
The floor-to-ceiling windows in our room were beautiful.

The next morning we headed to the Mission District for a little thrifting and exploring.

In the afternoon, we drove to Berkeley and found this incredible flea market.

Our last stop on the trip was Telegraph Avenue, where we found a street fair and wonderful souls who are the epitome of Berkeley.

It was so nice to experience San Francisco and Berkeley more thoroughly than ever before. I hope to travel back again soon...


  1. Looks amazing. I'd love to visit SF some time!

  2. wow! SF definitely looks like a place to go and explore!