Sunday, December 4, 2011

thanksgiving in the city

Two weekends ago, I stayed back in the dorms for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Normally, my father and I spend Thanksgiving at my Aunt's house in Southern California. The trip and the meal itself are rituals, but never entirely formal. I didn't realize how much I miss home until this past weekend, and how strange it is to be thrown off such an ongoing routine. A plane ticket back home proved far too expensive for a long weekend and the journey itself would've taken close to 8 or 9 hours each direction. I had some family members and friends who had asked me to come with them for Thanksgiving on the East Coast, but I thought it might be a good idea to stay in the city instead to get ahead of some schoolwork.

While at times it was lonely here for the holiday (most everybody had left for home or family had come to them), it was wonderful to have the dorm room to myself and a sort of weekend-long staycation. I caught up on some reading, some photos, and had time to reflect.

(P.S. I also watched every romantic comedy known to man, so many that I'm considering changing the topic of my term paper in Media Criticism to something to the effect of "the overly romanticized portrayal of serendipitous events in the film industry"...)

The beautiful look of Fall in Washington Square Park (taken on instagram)

Thanksgiving present to myself, delicious fruit-flavored Gelato. (taken on instagram)

One of my accomplishments over the holiday, hung more festive lights above my bed.

The dining halls were closed, therefore I lived off of overpriced fruit and cringed everytime my total was rung up at the cash register.


  1. aw that sounds like some cute alone time :) i love reading your adventures in the city.

    sidenote: if nyu accepts me and if you desire home cooked turkey and asian food, COME WITH ME! hah.

  2. aw why thank you very much dear, you're so very sweet! i'm crossing my fingers for you, that sounds like that would be so much fun!