Sunday, December 4, 2011

williamsburg morning

I was so happy to have my lovely friend, Anna, come visit me and the rest of the flickr gang this weekend in the city. I do quite a bit of random activities around the city on a regular basis, but sometimes it's so much more exciting to have visitors around because it really forces you to take advantage of the activities New York has to offer. And by New York, I mean more than just the island of Manhattan.

The morning after our little Mexican food adventure, Anna and I took the L train to Williamsburg for a little thrift shopping. Sonya joined, too, soon afterwards. I really do love Williamsburg, I'm almost sure I posted a small blurb on Williamsburg when I first visited this past April. The subway ride from Manhattan is just a few short stops away, yet practically an entirely opposite world; the atmosphere is so drastically different.

People in Manhattan are surely nice, for the most part, but in Williamsburg there's much more a "small town" feel. Bedford Street, "the main drag" as you might call it, has such wonderful little shops and cafes. And as you walk towards the side streets there are some great thrift and consignment stores with decent prices and extensive selections of wearable pieces.

One of my most favorite stops in Williamsburg is a store called Junk. It's name describes quite the opposite of the items it carries, at least in my opinion. Junk is filled with all sorts of  treasures, from old furniture to vintage costume jewelry to old records and my absolute favorite: miscellaneous photos and film slides. Junk has this huge bin filled with photographs of all sorts of events, moments. You'll stumble upon wedding photographs, school photos, outtakes from photo shoots, pictures of politicians, pictures of people in their college dorms. Junk is a sort of lost & found, and I'm always finding inspiration there.

Junk even has a stash of old magazines, lots of Playboys which are really quite hilarious to look at because you really get a sense of how the magazine has evolved over the years. If you look at the old covers you can really notice how much less sexualized they are compared to those of today.

Along Driggs Ave, I saw this woman and her amazing coat, she was more than happy to have her picture taken.

I couldn't help but fall in love with this pug, too, and his coat was almost as divine as the above woman's. If you look real close you can see the leopard print fur he's sporting!

I really do need to make my way out to Williamsburg more often!

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  1. great photos! I also like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)