Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a chilly welcome "home"

Two weeks ago, New York City welcomed me back "home"with a fresh layer of snow on the ground.

The morning after arriving back in the city I went on a day of adventures with some lovely photo friends (Sandy, Jessie, Shriya, Tara, Dale, and Nika). We met up at Jessie's favorite spot, Cafe Mocha in the East Village. I drank a cup of Vanilla Chai and the caffeine hit me immensely, the hours following were so energetic.

We then strolled around the East Village and spent some time in Tompkins Square Park. I'd never photographed in snow before!

For dinner we stopped in a beautiful little restaurant called Affaire with the most decadent crepes and romantic interior design. I have a feeling we'll be frequenting here often.

This past Friday, I had my first class for the Black & White Film class I'm taking this semester. I'm obsessed with the darkroom already and I can't wait to begin putting together a piece of work. After class I headed over to Sandy's dorm where she and Jessie had made a delicious vegetarian lunch for the three of us.

This was the beautiful lighting outside Sandy's window that Friday afternoon.

After lunch we treated ourselves to some dessert at a cute bakery down the street.

I can't wait to have more Friday Flickr Family lunches and to explore the city much more over this semester!


  1. Oh my god your pictures are perfect as;fgh

  2. that little restaurant Affaire looks so cozy and homely, crepes!!! now i want some! :p

    great pictures :)