Sunday, February 5, 2012

night in williamsburg

I made my first trek back to Williamsburg since Winter Break this Friday afternoon with my friend Allie. We did a little thrifting and browsing and later went out to dinner with Logan, Sandy, and Maddie on Bedford.

I swear, the more time I spend in Williamsburg, the more I fall in love.

After dinner we met up with Eden, a close friend of my friends Avi and Maddie, at Verb Cafe.
We stayed until closing and the baristas offered us free muffins. Score.

After we left Verb we ended up going to an after party at Two Eighty-Five Kent being DJ'd by NEON INDIAN(for $5, if I might add)!
The sold-out show that had begun earlier was running late so we actually got to see the headliners, Class Actress, perform their set. I was so happy I got to hear my favorite song by them, "The Weekend, which I've been toying around with using for a candid little compilation of videos I've shot recently.

Class Actress!
Neon Indian!!
Myself, by Allie.

P.S. Just saw that this blog reached 100 followers, thank you so much everyone for reading! 

xx Jacqueline


  1. how could anyone blame you for falling in love with this place? it looks absolutely amazing.
    lovely photos - especially the ones of your friends and the frind who is smoking in the photo. and I love the pictures from the night - dancing.

  2. God! This is amazing! I love everything here.

  3. These are amazing! Such wonderful memories.