Sunday, February 12, 2012

such great heights

As often as possible, my friend Anna comes to the city to visit all of us photo kids and it's always a grand weekend when she's in town.

Friday evening, Anna's train arrived in the late evening and we immediately met up with Sandy and Logan for Thai in the East Village. After dinner, we treated ourselves to some Bubble Tea (Sandy made funny faces as we ate the tapioca balls, she isn't a fan of Bubble Tea).

Derek and Kenneth met up with us at the tea shop and we later headed over to Kenneth's apartment. Kenneth showed us his incredible "infinity roof", one side of it is completely lacking a barrier. In theory, you could walk straight off the roof; granted, you'd have to be fairly dim or incredibly intoxicated for that to happen. Nonetheless, I felt pretty brave standing even ten feet from the edge. I'm not the best with heights but the view and rush of it all was worth every drop of the stomach.

After spending some time on the roof we nearly froze to death, so we headed back inside where we all curled up in Kenneth's room and watched the Valentine's Day episode of 30 Rock while eating satisfyingly unhealthy snacks.

The next day Anna was so kind to accompany me to the developing lab at school, she and Sandy guided me during my first experience developing film. It was a nerve-wracking process and I'm sure there will be some mistakes these first few times as I get the hang of developing, but I'm so excited to have it become routine. I'm taking a black and white course this semester and I'm excited to share the results of the course in the near future.

After finishing up in the darkroom, we headed to Sandy's dorm where we met up with Tara and Metin. We made our way down 3rd Ave until it became Bowery. I love the neighborhood around Bowery, with all of its sweet little neighborhood restaurants and cafes.

We made reservations at a restaurant I'd been dying to try for months, B Bar and Grill. Our group of four turned to a group of seven with the addition of Derek, Kenneth, and Lauren!

While looking at our menus, Sandy noticed we were all busying away on our gadgets, cell phones for most of us and in Kenneth's case, his iPad. She made a wonderful suggestion, that we all put our phones into the bread basket and live in the moment. It was too funny not to photograph.

When we got our bills, Kenneth jokingly forged my signature and added a funny little aside.

After B Bar and Grill, Kenneth took us to a cafe on Macdougal Street. They had a policy stating that all customers were required to buy something. I have to say I was quite full, so I was forced into eating some chocolate mousse. But that sentence doesn't sound quite accurate, when is someone ever forced into eating chocolate mousse?

The gang walked back to my dorm where we sat around and talked and drew in journals and listened to music.

To top off the lively evening, Anna and I went on a late night stroll through the East Village with some good friends who live in my dorm. It was extremely cold but nice to walk around and have a second round of Macdougal Street.

In other news, I'll be photographing some street style at Fashion Week tomorrow and Wednesday for my internship, so I hope to make a post regarding those photographs very soon!

P.S. Almost Happy Valentine's Day ! Hope everyone has a splendid holiday with their loves(significant others, family members, or in my case.....cats!) #futurecatlady
xx Jacqueline

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  1. your friend sandy clearly has a point. the photo of the phones in the bread basket wonderfully shows the pity of it all - how we became slaves to our gadgets. of course, spending time with your smartphone is awesome, but if this is what you do when you are in the company of good friends - especially when you gathered for a meal or even a cup of coffee in the dorm room, then this is just sad. it's like we almost forgot to appreciate the company of our loved ones.