Sunday, March 25, 2012

field trip for grown-ups

Two Fridays back, the photo crew gathered for a grown-up field trip planned by the ever-wonderful Sandy. The weather reports warned us of impending thunderstorms, but we sought adventure in spite of it all. With our cameras, snacks, and open minds in tow we went into the depths of Brooklyn in search of a secret beach which had once served as a dump. After a leisurely trip on the subway and a bus ride filled with some amusing characters, we came upon our desired spot. Because we're the cheesy types, we entered into a little huddle, putting our hands into a circle before setting off in small groups along on the beach.

We spent the hours looking at and collecting foreign objects buried in the sand. It was hard to discern how long some of these items had been on the shore, each seemed to have their own sort of ghostly story attached to them.

My best friend, Jess, was visiting for Spring Break and I was glad she was able to experience this non-traditional New York site. 

Walking along a deserted beach just hours from hurrying through the busy streets of New York City, it was weird to have this instant sense of comforting isolation. 

You can guess that many photographs resulted from our field trip. I loved watching the way that Tara worked with Sandy as her model. Tara later set up her camera and took some incredible self-portraits on a whim. 

Jessie, playing in a rusted box floating on the shore. 

A photograph of the polaroid that Derek took of me on his Mamiya.

By the time we were on the subway home, we were all sleepy & delusional, taking turns jokingly napping on one another. We headed back to the West Village, where we enjoyed bagels & tea at a cafe before heading home to rest. 

Here is a photograph of the whole crew taken by Sandy
(from left to right: Jess, Jessie, Derek, Kenneth, Tara, Myself, Metin, Sandy)

Be sure to check out everyone's take on our little field trip!

and of course the incredible video that my dearest Metin put together
(it encapsulates our adventure so well)

Adventure from Metin Fejzula on Vimeo.

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  1. How did you get to this beach? It's such a gorgeous landscape. it looks like you all had a lot of fun!