Sunday, March 18, 2012

hello darkness, my old friend

I've been meaning to make my way to the East River for months now, but I've always managed to put it off. This Tuesday, I finally accomplished this goal of mine. My friend, Luka, had told me of a beautiful little park called Sutton Place that overlooks the water and we decided to make the trip uptown. Before leaving, we listened to Simon & Garfunkel's "The 59th Street Bridge Song", very fitting for our adventure. We took the subway from Union Square and exited early at Grand Central to marvel at the terminal's architecture and its magnitude.

We had the eventual goal of reaching the river, but we walked at a casual pace, stopping on various streets and at overlook points to take in different views of the city. We made a complete circle around the Chrysler Building by the end of the evening. 

Funny thing is we never did end up at Sutton Place, but we did find a park that led us right to the river and a view of the Queensboro Bridge (The 59th Street Bridge). 

I stared in amazement as I captured the scene in photographs and Luka played the guitar. The view and sound of the calm water mixed with the cars streaming below was surreal to take in at once. It was surely one of those moments where I cannot believe I live in New York City and it's strange to grasp how much my life has changed in just the last six months. We spent quite awhile there, unworried about the passing of time unlike most denizens of New York City. 

There's something strange about experiencing a place for the first time in almost complete darkness, you focus on the little details: the little ripples in the water, the reflections of headlights, the plants swishing as cars whizzed by. Behind you is this massive metropolis, in front of you: a body of water. I love the juxtaposition.

Luka played "The Sound Of Silence", coincidental because it's originally from the album, Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M, which wasn't too far off from the current time.

We headed out a few hours later and made our way back downtown.

Currently listening to:
 Lights Out, Words Gone by Bombay Bicycle Club
(been listening to them on repeat for these past few weeks)


  1. your mind is a beautiful place.
    love this whole collection of thoughts and images.

  2. Perfect, once again.
    You captured the mood very well and I espacially love the light, grain and the gorgeous bokeh.