Wednesday, March 14, 2012

my favorite visitor

Ah midterms are behind me (phew)...and that means that Spring Break has begun!
After I finished my last midterm this past Thursday afternoon, I walked home through Washington Square Park to find it overflowing with students and tourists alike basking in the sun, enjoying the surprising jacket-optional weather.

On Friday, I spent a few hours in the darkroom (finally made some prints I'm proud of), I'll be sharing the results hopefully towards the end of the semester. That afternoon I met up with Sandy and we took a long walk in the East Village and LES, finishing off with a casual dinner at Cafetasia.

I had been waiting for this specific Friday to come for weeks, not just because it meant that I was finally on Spring Break, but because my mom was flying in for the weekend. It was strange because the last time my Mom was in the city was when she was moving me into my dorm, at the end of August. I've established a life in New York City since and it was now surreal showing her "my neighborhood" and feeling so comfortable in the city that she used to show to me.

On Saturday we met up with some family friends who were in the city as well, Dorothy and Drake. We showed them Greenwich Village and Soho. Saturday evening, my Mom and I went out to dinner with her best friend, Dennis. Afterwards, he took us to a wonderful performance of "Once" on Broadway.

Not sure if I've stated this before, but I'm not the most avid theatregoer, and not usually entranced by musical theatre....but I absolutely adored Once. The storyline, the music, the props and stage design...I have a feeling it's going to be a huge hit. The entire ensemble stays on the stage for the majority of the show and everything works together so seamlessly, nothing is overdone or campy. I recommend the show to all audiences!

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