Monday, May 21, 2012

le début de l'été

I've been shooting a bunch of color film this summer, which explains why I've been a little delayed in my posting. It's been so wonderful to spend time with my family back home in Sacramento and I've enjoyed the warm weather in comparison to the rainy weather that New York City's been experiencing these past few weeks. 

The Saturday after I came home, Jess & I went to the Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis in celebration of ecological sustainability. This is my third year attending and I love all the artistic vendors, eclectic musical performances and drum circles, and especially the creative vegetarian and organic delicacies. 

The children at the festival were beyond adorable, mini versions of their free-spirit parents.

Jess & I both lived out our childhood dreams by getting our faces painted and dancing around in the sunlight. 

The last few weeks here have been nice and relaxing since most people are still in school.

I have lots of little projects I'm working on this summer that I can't wait to share soon!

Happy Summertime ~~
xx Jacqueline

the strawberry festival

The weekend before I flew home for the summer, I loaded my AE-1 with a roll of color film. It felt so nice to be shooting color for the first time since January when I started shooting in black & white for my film photography class.

Every year, the NYU Program Board organizes a free event called The Strawberry Festival to celebrate the end of the year/beginning of summer. True to its name, everything is Strawberry-themed and from the block-long Strawberry Shortcake to the Strawberry-flavored fortune cookies.

After the festival, friends and I sat in the green of Washington Square Park, basking in the sun for the last time of the school year

Thursday, May 10, 2012

spring in the city

Monday morning I gathered my belongings and flew back home to Sacramento International Airport for the summertime.

This past year has truly been an incredible experience, living in New York City and completing my first year of college as well. I've made wonderful friends and changed the way I view the world. I intend to write more on this subject later on, and in my column for ACHE Magazine (coming out very soon!).

I decided to make a short little video with some random moments from my time during the spring semester, it's very rough and guerrilla-style (no tripod and made out of pure fun). Enjoy!

P.S. I'll be traveling down to Southern California on a road trip in a few weeks if anyone would like to meet up/shoot or has any suggestions on where to visit!