Monday, May 21, 2012

le début de l'été

I've been shooting a bunch of color film this summer, which explains why I've been a little delayed in my posting. It's been so wonderful to spend time with my family back home in Sacramento and I've enjoyed the warm weather in comparison to the rainy weather that New York City's been experiencing these past few weeks. 

The Saturday after I came home, Jess & I went to the Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis in celebration of ecological sustainability. This is my third year attending and I love all the artistic vendors, eclectic musical performances and drum circles, and especially the creative vegetarian and organic delicacies. 

The children at the festival were beyond adorable, mini versions of their free-spirit parents.

Jess & I both lived out our childhood dreams by getting our faces painted and dancing around in the sunlight. 

The last few weeks here have been nice and relaxing since most people are still in school.

I have lots of little projects I'm working on this summer that I can't wait to share soon!

Happy Summertime ~~
xx Jacqueline

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