Saturday, June 16, 2012

valencia st.

Ever since venturing to New York City for college, it's been hard to leave the city mentality behind and readjust to life back in the suburbs of Sacramento. 

I've loved spending time with my wonderful family and friends, grabbing lunch and catching up and wandering around town. I've started a few books, taken up cooking & running, and have managed to catch up on all the television I missed this while I was away at school.

But, I cannot deny I've missed being surrounded by the warm energy of a city. To fill my city-life void, I've made two trips to San Francisco in the last two weeks.

Yesterday I met up with Avi and Eden in the Mission district where we caught up with each other over brunch at Boogaloos

Afterwards we shopped and wandered around Valencia street.

We grabbed popsicles and a scoop of Ice Cream at Bi-Rite and lounged in the grass at Dolores Park.

Later in the day, I was scheduled to photograph a model for a local talent agency. The art director's apartment in the Mission district was beautiful: quirky antique items everywhere and a window with a view of the picturesque private backyard and garden.

Our photo shoot took us to all sorts of fun locations within the area and I will hopefully be sharing the results fairly soon!

On another note, I'm heading down to Southern California this coming Wednesday, June 20th until the 27th if anyone has any suggestions on places/attractions to visit or would like to meet up, let me know!

xx Jacqueline


  1. come BAAAACCKKKKK (that food looks great omg)

    also follow me u lil ~~~~~~

  2. That food looks so good! i just got my wisdom teeth out and I am STARVING. Great photos!

  3. cool photos, i really like 4th photo : ))