Wednesday, July 25, 2012


As my summer back home in Sacramento draws near an end, I've come to realize only now have I begun to understand the urban and natural landscape I grew up in for the first eighteen years of my life.

Twice during the past few weeks, I had the pleasure of introducing very good friends to my hometown. With their arrival, I found myself observing my home with a new pair of eyes, trying to highlight all of the quirks and sights the capital city can offer in less than 48 hours.

In early July, Nick & Tim came to visit me for the weekend. Our adventures included evening dining and subsequent brunching at the classic Tower Cafe in Downtown Sacramento, running around the deserted grounds of the State Capitol, and hunting through my neighborhood thrift stores.

Nick has magnificent hair and style.

Tim is an incredible artist, here he sketches a portrait of me during brunch

The California State Capitol during the weekend = Ghost Town.

We ended our weekend by ordering chinese takeout and heading back to my house where we we stayed up talking, watching documentaries, and swimming in my pool.

My cat creeped on us from the window while we swam outside.

I'm so excited because Nick will be moving to Brooklyn this fall (aka we can now have frequents brunches & hangouts) and I'm going to be visiting him in Portland in a few weeks!

The following weekend I had the opening reception for my photo show at my favorite clothing store in Midtown Sacramento, Cuffs.  I was so honored that Lacadia, the owner, had contacted me about showing my work during Second Saturday, Sacramento's monthly night of art & music.

 I am so, so very thankful to everyone (from all sectors of my life) that came out to support me that evening!

My very good friend from NYU, Eve, and her brother David even came all the way from the bay area to attend. So, the next morning my step-brother Nate & I took Eve & David to some archetypal Sacramento spots. Our first stop was the family-owned food stand Hagen's, where we all enjoyed fruit-flavored freezes.

 Despite the blasting Sacramento heat, we headed to the American River afterwards.

In Sacramento, the river is a huge part of the culture. Most of my friends, like myself, live either right up against a river trail or within minutes of an access point. Sacramento summertime is filled with people rafting and holding events on the river's sandy beaches. And, in my case, the river became the backdrop for many of my early photographs.

With only a month left until I head back to the concrete jungle (which I've grown more in love with while I've been away...) I'm starting to appreciate elements of the calmer nature here in Sacramento. The slow-paced midtown that closes down by 10 o'clock, the ease that comes with swimming in my own pool in the middle of the night on a whim, the familiar & picturesque river trails that I've been walking along my entire life.

Coming home, I've realized you can find adventure no matter where you live, it just takes an open mind.

xx jacqueline

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