Monday, August 13, 2012

'dog days'

model: andrea margaret
photography/styling : jacqueline harriet

it's always fun to collaborate with andrea, one of the very first models i photographed back when i was sixteen-years-old and just getting started.

shots are a mix of both digital & film.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

point reyes

My friend Sarahjane and I took a day trip to Point Reyes on the Northern California coast a few weeks back.

After hiking along a dirt trail, we landed upon one of the most breathtaking beaches I've ever been to. I love Northern California beaches in a way that Southern California's cannot compare. The beaches in Northern California have a much more more quiet, introspective sort of atmosphere. It's a completely different experience to be surrounded by miles of rolling, undeveloped hills rather than in places like Newport Beach where you're surrounded by homes and parking lots in the distance.

We spent some hours relaxing on the beach and afterwards hiked back up and took a drive towards the old lighthouse. Walking up the cliffs, we caught amazing views of the Point Reyes peninsula. The water below was full of rich shades of blues and greens.

Since I live so far inland, in the valley, I'd never seen a lighthouse in real-life before.
I was reminded of faraway places like the Northeast and of an episode of my favorite show Pushing Daisies where Ned and Chuck investigate the murder of a lighthouse keeper.

The town of Point Reyes and the surrounding area was fun to explore, we found some abandoned houses and long expanses of deserted road.