Saturday, September 15, 2012

last stop on the train

The first time I went to Coney Island was last year with my good friend Colin, it was beginning of my first year of college and we had just rewatched Requiem for a Dream together. The film portrays Coney Island as a sort of wasteland, a place that once was. And last year when we visited on an overcast day, the area was deserted and remnisicient of that ominous scene painted in the film.

Over the school year, I went back twice more: on one beautiful, sunny day in September and once during an eery thunderstorm in November.

When some friends decided to go to Coney Island a few weeks back, it was strange to see the area in full swing. The clouds hung low and warned of rain, but crowds of people (families, especially) were swarming the park and beach, dressed in colorful threads and full of energy. 

Anna was in town for the weekend because she's off to London for the Fall semester. Since I'm going to be in Paris in the Spring, it will be nearly a year until we'll get to see each other next.

It was great to reconnect, too, with Jessie and Metin as well as with wonderful new friends who just moved to the city, Rockie and Lissy.


  1. these are so beautiful.
    just everything.

  2. LOVE these photos! everything is PERFECT.

  3. Absolutely love these pictures as well!

    Love the weather too!