Sunday, January 13, 2013

rainy christmas

I consider myself a fairly non-religious but spiritual Jew who lights the menorah on Hannukah if I remember or if I happen to be provided with the supplies to do so. And yet, I celebrate a commercial Christmas with my immediate and distant step family by opening presents and partaking in gluttony. Despite my Jewish origins and practice, I have to say: I love Christmas.

Every year, my step family congregates at the grandparents' ranch in Placerville for the holiday. Only since having moved to New York City have I really begun to embrace this 100 acre spot of repose. I love to come here in the wintertime, and the fog was especially picturesque on this rainy Christmas.

My younger step brother Nate and I are in the middle age-wise, so while the two older grandchildren converse with the adults, we often roam the ranch with the two younger cousins.

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