Sunday, February 3, 2013

l'appartement parisien

Maddie and I were lucky to be placed by our university in a (very affordable) antique-adorned duplex in the Passy (16e) district of Paris.
Moments away (literally) is the Trocadero, a popular spot where tourists often assemble to take traditional posed shots with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. And down the block is Cafe du Trocadero, featured in the opening of Midnight in Paris and resonant in many tourists' memories.

In the other direction lies a quiet neighborhood home to the NYU Paris campus. The area is not the most culture mecca, but being so close to school and away from noise certainly has its perks, too. It sort of reminds me of a mix between Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side, more resemblant of the latter. Everything closes pretty early, but it just means that there's more incentive to get out and explore some of the more vibrant and young neighborhoods.

When we first walked into our bright yellow & blue walled apartment, we were more than shocked. Maddie & I had expected to be living in very close quarters during our semester abroad. We are paying a very modest price (far less than which we pay for our dorms in NYC) and living in a space that is likely bigger than the apartment I grew up in as a child with my Dad! Saving all this money means I'll hopefully have a greater chance of making rent in NYC this summer...

After having lived in NYU dorms which are depersonalized after students leave every academic year, to now live in a furnished apartment full of another family's history is another way of immersing myself into a whole new environment. Paintings are hung in most every room and there are trinkets everywhere. It feels somewhat museum-like, curated by the landlord's late mother who was an artist.

The winding staircase leading to higher floors 

Our kitchen, complete with a gas stove

The foyer and door leading to Maddie's basement lair

Our most favorite room in the apartment, the formal living room

The formal dining room

Our bathroom, with a clawfoot bathtub (though, despite its beauty it's a great hassle to wash hair in...)

Some not-pictured perks of the apartment are a stereo record player with a collection of artists like Billie Holiday, a view of the tip of the Eiffel Tower, and a wide collection of both American and French literature.

Academic classes finally start tomorrow which means I'll have less time to photograph but I'm hoping to post as much as possible and start organizing some shoots! If there are any readers in Paris, please feel free to contact me!

xx jacqueline harriet