Sunday, June 23, 2013

ich bin ein Berliner

After a week in London, our next spring break destination was Berlin, Germany. During our four day weekend adventure we stayed at a beautiful sunny apartment in the eclectic Kreuzberg neighborhood which had an incredible weekend Turkish market, access to the canal, and a great selection of bars. The atmosphere of Berlin was so inviting and relaxing. The sunny weather made the colors of the city pop, everything appeared so vibrant.

 Visiting the Holocaust Memorial was an incredible experience, the whole memorial itself is made out of basic concrete slabs and is somewhat disorderly and confusing in order to represent the uncomprehensibleness of lives and communication lost in the Holocaust.

 It felt weirdly symbolic when I came across a bug helplessly suffering, lying on its back after having just been stepped on by a man's foot. 

Our last evening spent in Berlin was magical. After sitting by the canal at golden hour sipping beers and chatting, we took a route along the canal and a few strange turns later accidentally came upon a carnival that appeared out of nowhere. As we walked through a dark and barely lit park path we saw the lights of the carnival off in the distance.

We emerged from the dark path and towards the field made bright by the neon colors of the carnival rides. Sounds of carnival game operators and energetic children screaming flooded the area. It felt like walking straight into a scene out of a movie. 

All images are film, with the exception of the full-length portrait of Eve.

xx jacqueline harriet


  1. Great pictures!! Can't wait to go back there in a week!

  2. I've always liked to visit Berlin, and after your photos I want it even more!!!!

  3. nice pics, which camera did you used? :)

  4. These photos are so lovely! I can't wait to travel!

  5. Love the photos,especially the lasts <33
    Evia x