Sunday, June 2, 2013

slow spring in Paris

Paris greeted me with snow, acquainted me with gray rainy days, and made me praise every opportunity to stroll sans layers of jackets.

Twice in the past two years I've moved eastward in increments of 3,000 miles, to cities with much harsher weather conditions than my Northern California hometown. Though the spring weather, and the people, were slower to become as warm and inviting as in Sacramento or New York, by the end of my experience it felt extremely sad to have to leave a place that had become a "home" for five months.

Though I really didn't photograph much abroad, these simple photographs give a little taste into some fond memories I had in Paris. As much as each of my five months spent there had specific emotions and events attached to them, rather than diagram it out into the darks/lights, I'd like to regard it as a whole.

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting photographs from my travels to the south of France, London, Berlin, Rome, and Spain! And in two weeks, I'll be back in NYC...full-time.

One of my first days in Paris, at Place de la Concorde. One of the most beautiful sunsets I witnessed in the course of five months.

Snow on a late January evening.

Rachel & Steph in the Métro.

Smoke break with Mégane and Morgane at the opening of a new bar in the le Marais.

Rebecca & Morgane waiting for the Métro.

Mégane and Rebecca before their school fashion show.

Brunch at the ironic Breakfast in America diner with Madeleine and Regina.

Christopher Owens' (of the band GIRLS) solo show at La Flèche d'Or.

Bristol on the métro after a movie & cocktail hour.


  1. i love megane's makeup! i love these photos!! :)

  2. lovely, just lovely.
    - B