Sunday, September 1, 2013

sister, sister

This summer I was commissioned to shoot some street style assignments for Refinery29 (featured here & here). While I was scoping out subjects at the Brooklyn Flea Market a few weeks back, two teenage sisters stood out immediately because of their style & warm personalities when I approached them to take their photographs.

Later that week, I met up with Laramie and Logan and found out that they were just in town for the week, visiting from Los Angeles. We spent an awesome evening exploring parts of the Lower East Side, walking along the Williamsburg Bridge, and bonding over mutual interests and love for our California roots.

Laramie (pictured in the first photograph on the right) is entering her freshman year of college at Columbia College in Chicago, check out some of her music & films. Logan (pictured left) is still in high school and an awesome visual artist, check out her instagram.