Sunday, April 27, 2014

almost famous: portrait in motion

Last fall I began photographing New Jersey-based celebrity impersonator Michele Marzano for my photojournalism class under the guidance of Whitney Johnson of The New Yorker. Through this ongoing project I discovered a growing interest in documentary visual storytelling and became inspired by the challenge of maintaining my visual aesthetic with such distinctly different subject matter in comparison to my past work.

In documenting Michele, I, too, learned a lot about myself as a photographer: finding stylistic habits in framing, lighting and color as well as rediscovering how much I love the process of getting to know subjects and "making" their portraits in a natural, atmospheric setting.

Since posting photographs in December from the project (which can be found here) I have received a lot of interest in finding out more about Michele & her story. Michele and I had spent a lot of time talking candidly before, after, and in-between our shoots, without the "camera rolling". I wanted to add a third dimension to the project by showing some of her personality through a short audiovisual portrait.

So, two weeks ago, I visited Michele in Sayreville, NJ to shoot this "moving portrait" accompanied by audio clips from an ongoing interview. I am beginning to delve into becoming a cinematographer and it was another exciting challenge to reconcile my photographic eye through a new medium: film.

A very special thanks to my two wonderful crew members who traveled with me to New Jersey and assisted during my film shoot, Christopher Murphy and Min Joo Kim. Also to my film professor Laszlo Santha and photojournalism professor Whitney Johnson for their advice and support.

xx jacqueline harriet

Monday, April 21, 2014

staring @ the sun

While visiting Sacramento back in January I shot with Andrea in my old neighborhoods of Fair Oaks & Carmichael. Super excited to be back home for the month of May.

first outfit provided by cuffs
styling by myself

xx jacqueline

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

color play w/ motion

This semester I'm taking the classic NYU Sight & Sound: Filmmaking course at Tisch. Every two weeks, each student directs an original short film around 1-3 minutes in length. For my first short, I decided to shoot in Chinatown, attached are some stills I took throughout the process, and below is a very brief clip from the final product!

xx jacqueline

Friday, February 28, 2014

megan fay, los angeles

During my visit to Southern California in January, I spent a couple of days in sunny Los Angeles. So, so inspired by the colors of the urban landscape. And SUCH GOOD FOOD. Certainly considering making the move out there after I graduate in December...

Organized a quick + fun shoot taking some portraits of the stunning Megan Fay, amazing hair styling by my longtime collaborator Katie Neutz & beautiful makeup by the sweet Andre Sarmiento.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

western postcards

I decided to spend the entirety of my winter break back home on the West Coast. After a long, humid summer and a busy, homesick fall semester in New York City it was the best month-and-a-half long remedy.

I relaxed at home in Sacramento before traveling down to Southern California where I visited my aunt, uncle, and grandfather; it felt like summertime in the midst of winter.

Afterwards, I flew to Phoenix to spend time with my best friend Jess. We roadtripped in Jess' Jeep (affectionally named Libby) to Arizona's major cities & sights, stopping for hikes and fun landmarks along the way.

Just outside of Phoenix we found the most amazing cacti paradise and did a 6-mile hike to a spot where there were old remnants of hieroglyphics on the stones.

We didn't have a specific itinerary so we acted on whims based on the road signs we encountered, it was one of my most exciting weeks in a long time.
Jess at Bell Rock vortex in Sedona.

The range of colors and landscapes within a small radius was incredible, we spent one morning in the desert of Sedona and a few hours later drove past melting snow in Flagstaff before ending the evening at the epic Grand Canyon where the winds were brutally cold.

I took a few pictures at the Grand Canyon, but its beauty is unrivaled to any image. It's the sort of place I hope to visit again and again for the experience of seeing it firsthand versus taking a photograph of it.

We stayed overnight in a lodge inside of the park, right along the South rim, there is nothing more eerie than looking out into the vast darkness at night. It was magical.

Heading back to Phoenix we stopped at "Flinstone's Bedrock City", a roadside campground which doubles as a Flinstones Theme Park that was never fully completed. It is the definition of surreal, and they serve coffee that's 5 cents a cup in "Fred's Cafe".

In Flagstaff we stopped along Route 66 at the famous Galaxy Diner for milkshakes.

Our last stop outside of Phoenix was to Montezuma's Well, a naturally formed well where many Yavapai people used to live (literally within the walls of the well).

Finally I spent a few final days with Jess roaming around her native Phoenix, the pink sunsets that are incredibly commonplace each felt individually special.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

'twas the night before nyfw..

Tomorrow marks the first day of New York Fashion Week Fall 2014!

I never made a proper photo post from when I shot backstage for Refinery29 at Spring/Summer fashion week back in September so I figured now would be a fun time to release a few favorites from last season!

Thom Browne was certainly my favorite of the season and perhaps EVER, the entire experience felt like being part of an elaborate Tim Burton-esque corpse bride production. Hair & makeup was far from subtle, but the chaotic appearance was applied with complete precision. The models were diverse & fun-spirited, part of their role on the runway was to act the part of "insane Elizabethan clown".

Designer Thom Browne minutes before his designs hit the runway.

Backstage was buzzing with upwards of 20 seamstresses who were quickly making final alterations to the clothing and adding tiny, detailed embellishments.

The runway itself was dimly lit and haunted by repetitive music that increased anxiety of the audience who were kept waiting for upwards of 30-45 minutes until the show finally began.

A few notable front row audience members left before the show, but the wait was certainly worthwhile.

Another one of my favorite assignments from last season was Rebecca Minkoff!

Lindsey Wixson stole the spotlight backstage during hair & makeup.

Designer Rebecca Minkoff being interviewed for E!

Kelly Osbourne hosted and Janelle Monae performed a few songs during the runway show.

I'm shooting a few shows backstage & front row this week that I'm really excited about, can't wait to share the pictures within the next few weeks!

xx jacqueline harriet