Wednesday, February 5, 2014

'twas the night before nyfw..

Tomorrow marks the first day of New York Fashion Week Fall 2014!

I never made a proper photo post from when I shot backstage for Refinery29 at Spring/Summer fashion week back in September so I figured now would be a fun time to release a few favorites from last season!

Thom Browne was certainly my favorite of the season and perhaps EVER, the entire experience felt like being part of an elaborate Tim Burton-esque corpse bride production. Hair & makeup was far from subtle, but the chaotic appearance was applied with complete precision. The models were diverse & fun-spirited, part of their role on the runway was to act the part of "insane Elizabethan clown".

Designer Thom Browne minutes before his designs hit the runway.

Backstage was buzzing with upwards of 20 seamstresses who were quickly making final alterations to the clothing and adding tiny, detailed embellishments.

The runway itself was dimly lit and haunted by repetitive music that increased anxiety of the audience who were kept waiting for upwards of 30-45 minutes until the show finally began.

A few notable front row audience members left before the show, but the wait was certainly worthwhile.

Another one of my favorite assignments from last season was Rebecca Minkoff!

Lindsey Wixson stole the spotlight backstage during hair & makeup.

Designer Rebecca Minkoff being interviewed for E!

Kelly Osbourne hosted and Janelle Monae performed a few songs during the runway show.

I'm shooting a few shows backstage & front row this week that I'm really excited about, can't wait to share the pictures within the next few weeks!

xx jacqueline harriet

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